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Automotive workshops are invited to attend informative and educational training events hosted by leading automotive brands with a guest presentation from Jeff Smit from The Automotive Technician

AutoPartners has been delivering informative and educational training events across metropolitan and regional areas Australia wide since 2006.

Over 11,000 workshop staff have attended more than 225 events. Most AutoPartners events are held in conjunction with automotive departments of TAFE which has provided a successful partnership where local TAFEs can promote their facilities to mechanics and re-engage with local automotive communities.

In 2018 we have added some new brands to the roster and continue the professional and interesting presentations by Jeff Smit from The Automotive Technician which has proved to be extremely popular with attendees. Jeff presents relevant and useful hints on diagnosing and solving some of those difficult vehicle issues as well as technical information on behalf of sponsoring brands in a case study format to help mechanics solve interesting problems.

See Jeff in action: Toyota Hilux case study video.

2018 Program

The Mechanics of Diagnostics - with Jeff Smit Jeff Smit

Jeff Smit is the Technical Editor of The Automotive Technician

Previously we've presented on "APPROACH"ing Diagnostics, but what about the actual mechanics of diagnosing a problem vehicle.

Many technicians get stuck or don't really know where to start. No criticism here. With modern motor vehicle technology changing so rapidly, how can technicians keep up...
it's not easy.

"Guess-nostics" or "dart board diagnostics" may have worked in the past, but with late model vehicles and their very complicated systems and circuits, too many parts are being replaced unnecessarily at the expense of the vehicle owner or worse still, the workshop.

That's where the mechanics of diagnostics comes in.

Jeff will run through the logical mechanical process of diagnostics following a set path, or flow chart to minimize the chance of missing something or miss-diagnosing a problem.

Make sure you come along to hear Jeff and we are sure you will pick up lots of great info.

Free to attend, food, soft drinks, door prizes & showbags

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